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"Cherry Bomb" (Music Video)


The Minutes

Directed by Philip Kelly

Produced by Philip Kelly, Sean Kingston

Starring Paul McLoone (The Undertones), Keith James Walker, Ciaran Bonass, Brian Kelly, Ian McEvoy



"The Lost Art of Charm" (Short)


Philtrum Pictures

Written by Emily Elphinstone

Directed by Kevin O'Farrell

Produced by Aisling O'Farrell

Starring Audrey Hamilton, Andrew Hanley, Sarah Ahern, Ciaran Bonass, 

"The Gravedigger's Tour" (Short)


AGS Films

Written by Stephen Ryan

Directed by Stephen Ryan

Produced by Aoife Kelly

Starring James Smallhorne, Ciaran McCabe

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"Cuckoo" (Web Series, RTé Storyland)


Zanzibar Films

Written by Nikki Racklin and Danann Breathnach

Directed by Danann Breathnach

Produced by Marie Caffrey

Starring Pagan McGrath, Denise McCormack, Brian Fortune, Orla Gildea, Jeff Doyle


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